One of the many great benefits you will receive by using HDPhotoHub is the online shopping cart.  Creating a shopping cart will allow your clients to select products they would like for a property, choose a photographer, schedule, and pay all from one location.  There are many customizations that can be done for your shopping cart to really make it unique to you and your business!  To get you started, please view one of our Help Articles below.

Product Configuration

Creating a Product Category

  • Product Categories can be used to separate the various products you offer.  For example, Daytime Photography, Twilight Photography, Drone Photography, etc.

Creating Products

  • You can create as many or as few products as you need to ensure that your clients have access to all that you have to offer.

Creating a Dependent Product

  • Dependent Products can be created to either add or remove products when a certain product is selected during ordering.

Shopping Cart Configuration

Requiring Clients to Login

  • By default, your shopping cart will not require a login to place an order.  You can change this if you would like.

Changing Fonts on Your Shopping Cart

  • For further customization, you have the ability to change the fonts that display on your shopping cart page.

Changing Your Shopping Cart Header

  • You can modify the size and navigation for your shopping cart header.

Products Displaying in Shopping Cart

  • Choosing which products categories display in your shopping cart and how they display is just one more way you can control your clients ordering experience.

Additional Configuration

Creating a Promo Code

  • Promo codes allow you to provide discounts to your clients or run seasonal specials.

Creating a Price Tier

  • These can be used to offer special pricing to certain clients or groups.

Setting Up an Order Allowance

  • Order allowances are a great way to set up split billing.

Using Workflow Tasks

  • If you have members of your team that handle editing or customer notification, you can set up tasks so that they will know when it's time to handle their part of the order.

Creating a Product Filter

  • Do you want to set up pricing based on square footage or type of property? Then product filters are what you want.

Adding Project Detail Questions

  • If you need to know key information about a property before going there, then you can set up project detail questions that will be asked during the order process.  You can make these either optional or required.

Using Order Quick Notes

  • If there are common notes that you add to orders, then you can set up Quick Notes.  Quick Notes can be added to order notes quickly with the click of a button.

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

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