When creating products in your shopping cart, you can have them separated into categories.  This will allow you to easily display variations of products for your clients to choose from when placing an order.

How to create a product category

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Step 1: Click the Business tab

    Step 2: Click the Shopping cart tab

    Step 3: Click "Create a New Product Category"

    Step 4: Enter a Category Name and Description

    Step 5: Include an Example URL and link Caption

    Step 6: Change the Header Color and Height (if needed)

    Step 7: Upload a Header Image

    Step 8: Click "Save Updates"

    Step 9: Add products to created Category


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the Shopping Cart tab on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Click the "Create a New Product Category" button.

Step 4: Enter in a Category Name and Description for your new product category.

Step 5: If you would like, you can include an example URL and choose a link caption that will display for that URL.

Step 6: Change the Header Color and Height, if needed.

Step 7: Upload an image to display on your category header by clicking the gray area below Header Image.

Step 8: Click "Save Updates" to create your product category.

Step 9: Once your product category is created, you can begin creating products for that category.  For steps on how to do this, click here.

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