You can create product filters for your shopping cart so that only certain products show in certain instances.  For example, if you want to base your products off of square footage or whether it's a commercial property instead of residential then product filters are what you need.  This will help ensure that your clients are choosing the right products for their needs.

How to create a product filter

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Demo Video

    Step 1: Click the Business tab

    Step 2: Click the Shopping Cart tab

    Step 3: Click "Create a New Filter"

    Step 4: Enter a Filter Name and Description

    Step 5: Click "Save Updates"

    Step 6: Click "Create a New Option"

    Step 7: Enter Filter Option Name and Description

    Step 8: Choose which products display for this filter option

    Step 9: Click "Save Updates"

    Step 10: Repeat steps 6-9, if needed

Click the video below for a demo:


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the Shopping Cart tab on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Product Filters section and click "Create a New Filter"

Step 4: Enter in a Filter Name and Description.  Note: these will display on your shopping cart for your client to see.

Step 5: Click "Save Updates" to create your new filter.

Step 6: Under your new filter, click "Create a New Option".  This is to create the filter options within your filter.

Step 7: Enter in a Filter Option Name and Description (if any).

Step 8: In the Products section, click the checkbox for each product that will show when this filter option is selected by your client.

Step 9: Click "Save Updates" to create your filter option.

Step 10: Repeat steps 6 through 9 to add any additional filter options needed.

Note: if you have multiple carts and don't need a filter to appear on all carts, you can choose to remove a filter from a specific cart.  Click here for steps on how to do that!

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