If you have many clients from the same brokerage or office, you can create client groups to make it easier to locate them or enable special settings for them as a whole.  This is also helpful if you have Group Admins, so that they can have access to all clients and property sites within that group.

How to create a new client group

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Step 1: Click the Groups tab

    Step 2: Click "Create a New Group"

    Step 3: Enter in Group Contact Info

    Step 4: Set a Broker/Owner, if needed

    Step 5: Set a Sales Manager, if needed

    Step 6: Set a pricing tier, if needed

    Step 7: Upload default logo

    Step 8: Click "Save Updates"


Step 1: Click the Groups tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the "Create a New Group" button.

Step 3: Enter in as much of the Group Contact Info as you can on the Group Details page.

Step 4: In the Broker/Owner drop-down menu, type in the Brokers name if they have an account already.

Step 5: In the Sales Manager drop-down menu, type in the Sales Managers name if they have an account already.

Step 6: In the Group Configuration section, you can set a pricing tier if you already have one created for this group.  Click the Pricing Tier drop-down menu and select that price tier.

Step 7: In the Default Logos section, upload the Group Logo by clicking the grayed out image.

Step 8: Click the "Save Updates" button to finish creating your new Group.  For steps on adding clients to a group, click here.

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