When you integrate your YouTube channel to your HDPhotoHub account, we will automatically post all of your site videos to your channel!  This is a great way to market the properties you have shot and your business.

How to integrate your YouTube channel

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Step 1: Click the Business tab

    Step 2: Click the App Integrations tab

    Step 3: Scroll to YouTube integration

    Step 4: Click "Authorize My Account"

    Step 5: Sign in to YouTube

    Step 6: Click "Allow"

    Step 7: Choose which videos to send


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click on the App Integrations tab on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Cloud Video Providers section and you will see the YouTube integration.

Step 4: Click the "Authorize My Account" button.

Step 5: You will be prompted to sign in or select the YouTube account that you would like to access.

Step 6: Once you have logged in to your YouTube account, you will be prompted to allow HDPhotoHub Video Upload access to upload.  Click the "Allow" button.

Step 7: You will be taken back to the App Integrations page.  You will see that you can now select which videos you would like automatically posted to your YouTube Channel. 

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

Phone/Text:- 509-515-3338

Email: [email protected]