When adding your media to a property website, you have the option to embed media.  Some examples of items that can be embedded are a property walkthrough video or a 3D floor plan. Embedding the media allows you to separate some of your media items and also includes these in the navigation of the property website, making it easier for viewers to see!  Take a look below on how you can utilize these sections on your property website.

How to use the embedded media sections

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Demo Video:

    Step 1: Go to the Site Summary

    Step 2: Click the Site Media tab

    Step 3: Scroll down to Embedded Media sections

    Step 4: Click "Add Embedded Media"

    Step 5: Enter name for media

    Step 6: Add link to Embeddable URL box

    Step 7: Choose what to display media on

    Step 8: Click "Ok"

Watch the video below for a quick demo:



Step 1: Go to the Site Summary for the property.  You can get there by clicking the Sites tab at the top of the page and searching the property address.  Once you click on the property, you will be taken to the Site Summary.

Step 2: Click the Site Media tab on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the Embedded Media sections, Upper and Lower.  Note: The difference between the two sections is that Upper will appear just above the property description on the property website and Lower will appear just below the property description.  

Step 4: Click the "Add Embedded Media" button in your desired section.  You will get a small pop-up window. 

Step 5: In the "Name" box, enter in a name for your media.  This could be something like "Branded Video" or "Unbranded 3D Floor Plan".

Step 6: In the Embeddable URL box, enter in the URL for the media that you would like to add.  This could be a Vimeo or Matterport link.  If you have uploaded a video file to the Site Media already, you will see a "Content to Embed" drop-down.  If you click that, you can switch from the Web Page URL option to the video that is in the Site Media. Note: choosing an existing uploaded video will also prompt us to generate a Vimeo link.  This could save you time since you won't have to upload to Vimeo then use that url in the Embedded Media section.   

Step 7: Once you have entered in your URL, you will have the option to choose which site pages you would like that displayed on.  In the Display On area, you can choose to display your media on the Branded Property Site, the Unbranded Property Site, the Marketing Kit Page/Download Page/Delivery Email or all three.  Note: this is extremely helpful when you have a branded video that you won't want to be displayed on the unbranded property site!

Step 8: Click the "Ok" button to save your changes and embed your media to the property website! 


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