Have you received a Copyright claim from YouTube regarding a music on an HDPhotoHub site video?

At HDPhotoHub, we have purchased licenses for all of the music that we use on the platform from a company called AudioBlocks.com.  They license the same music to other people as well.  Unfortunately, sometimes other people that use their music will claim copyright for the music that is on the property video.  This causes the automated systems at Facebook and YouTube to flag videos that we produce from time to time.  

Both YouTube and Facebook have a method for you to dispute the claim that you are using something that is protected by copyright of someone else.  It's frustrating that we have to go through the process, but you can click those links in the copyright notification to communicate back to Facebook or YouTube that you have secured the appropriate rights.  When you do that, the video gets put into a queue to be looked at by an actual human so they can determine that the video is in-fact okay. 

We know the inconvenience that this causes.  In the past, we submitted a request with AudioBlocks to see if they have any advice on how to keep this from happening.  Unfortunately, the only advice that they could provide was to dispute the claim.  We do hope that you do not run into this often, however, disputing the claim is the best route if you do ever experience this.

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