At HDPhotoHub, we have made it easy to include your Facebook Pixel on your client’s Property Sites, Business Site, and Shopping Cart.  A Facebook Pixel is a great tool to use with your social media advertising.  When someone visits a website with your Facebook Pixel on it while they are also logged into Facebook or Instagram, the Facebook pixel tracks this action.  This person will now become part of an advertising audience that you can create targeted ads for.  When you’re creating ads, you can refine the audience set to include or exclude members who fit with other trends/patterns.  This allows you to attempt to reach just real estate agents who your pixel identified.  The purpose is to reach that person again with a more targeted ad. For more information on Facebook Pixel ID’s or how to create one, click here.

How to add your Facebook Pixel ID

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Step 1: Click the Business tab

    Step 2: Click the Business Details tab

    Step 3: Scroll to Other Settings

    Step 4: Insert Facebook Pixel ID

    Step 5: Click "Save Changes"


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the Business Details tab on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Other Settings section.

Step 4: In the Facebook Pixel ID box, insert your pixel ID that you have created.

Step 5: Click "Save Changes".

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

Phone/Text: 509-515-3338

Email: [email protected]