The Sales Tax Collection Report shows you the tax that has been collected from orders.  If you have tax rates set up in multiple states, the report will display each state separately.  Additionally, if you have multiple custom tax rates set up, those will be displayed separately.  Let's take a look at the report!

Using the sales tax collection report

Accessing the Report -

The Sales Tax Collection Report can be found two ways:

Reports Page

1. Click the Business Tab at the top of the page

2. Click the Reports tab on the left-hand side of the page

3. Click 'Sales Tax Collection' in the Business Reports section

Sales Tax Page

1. Click the Business tab at the top of the page.

2. Click the Sales Tax tab on the left-hand side of the page

3. Click 'Sales Tax Collection Report' in upper right-hand corner

Sales Tax Report Section-

When looking at the Sales Tax Report section, you will see all taxes collected for all Tax States and Tax Districts.  You will also see an order count for how many orders were placed within that specific State/District and the total amount of tax collected for those orders.

If you click on a specific Tax State or Tax District, you can see additional details on the orders that were charged that tax.  This information includes the Site ID, Client Name, Address, Order ID, and full Order Total/Taxable Amount.  When there are multiple orders within a Tax District, this additional detail can be very helpful!  Note: Clicking on the Client name will take you to the Client Summary.  Additionally, if you click on the Site Address, you will be taken to that property's Site Summary page to see the full order. 

Committing Tax-

When you're ready, you can click the 'Commit Tax' button in the Sales Tax Report section.  Once committed, any order within the selected Tax State/Districts cannot be modified.  This will help ensure that the tax amount paid doesn't change after you have committed the tax.  Note: you do not need to commit all taxes listed.  You can click the checkboxes to remove a specific tax state/district from being committed.

Tax Report History Section-

After clicking 'Commit Tax' in the Sales Tax Report section, those tax amounts will move to the Tax Report History section.  You will see the date the tax was committed, the Tax State/District, the total order count, and the total tax amount.

Similar to the Sales Tax Report section, you can click on a specific Tax State/District to view additional details for the orders within that committed line.  For the given Tax State/District that you select, it will show the dates on the committed tax and further order details that may be helpful to you.  

When viewing additional details on a specific Tax State/District, you can easily export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.  Simply click the 'Export to Excel' option in the upper-right hand corner.  This will generate and download a CSV spreadsheet with the same data that is displayed in the online view.

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