Copyright claims (on sites like YouTube) occur on a regular basis, regardless of where the creator got their music.  

HDPhotoHub has secured an Enterprise license with StoryBlocks so that you may include our provided music tracks on any of the property sites or social videos generated on the HDPhotoHub platform.  StoryBlocks licenses the same music to other people as well, and unfortunately, this licensing does not prevent other people from incorrectly claiming that your property site or social video violates a copyright.  This causes the automated systems at Facebook and YouTube to flag the property sites or social videos generated on the HDPhotoHub platform from time to time.   However, if you do get such a claim, please go ahead and dispute the claim based on the steps provided in the copyright claim notice.

One of the many features of using HDPhotoHub for your business is the ability to use music on your client's property sites and social videos.  These property sites and social videos can be shared freely with the included music without fear of copyright infringement by a third party.  It is a worry-free license with the highest level of legal coverage in the industry!

You can view the full licensing agreement by clicking here.

When you use the HDPhotoHub provided music tracks, you can rest assured that the music content is safe to use on all of the property sites and social videos for your clients!

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

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