When your clients are paying an outstanding balance, you can enable the ability for them to leave a tip.  This is an excellent way for them to reward you and your team members for an outstanding job and will put more money in your pocket!  Take a look below on how you can enable tipping.

How to enable accepting tips

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Demo Video

    Step 1: Click the Business tab

    Step 2: Click the Default Settings tab 

    Step 3: Scroll to Billing Options

    Step 4: Click 'Allow Tips when Order Balances are Being Paid'

    Step 5: Choose a Tip Payout Mode

    Step 6: Choose  Business Allocation %

    Step 7: Choose a Suggested Tip type

    Step 8: Enter suggested tip amounts, if needed

    Step 9: Click 'Save Changes'

    Step 10: See Tips on Site Summary

Watch the video below for a demo:


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the Default Settings tab on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Billing Options section.

Step 4: Click the checkbox for the 'Allow Tips When Order Balances are Being Paid' option.  This will enable tipping when your clients are paying towards an outstanding balance.

Step 5: In the Tip Payout Mode drop-down, choose whether you would like the payout to be the 'Business' or 'By Product'.  When 'Business' is selected, the entire tip will be giving to the business.  When 'By Product' is selected, the tip amount will be divided equally amongst the assigned team members for that order.  Note: only products with a Time on Site will be considered when allocating the tip.

Step 6: In the Business Allocation % box, choose the percentage of the tip that you would like to be withheld prior to the tip being distributed to your team members on the order.  This can be left blank if you would like the entire tip amount to be allocated to the assigned team members on the order. Note: this is only an option when using the 'By Product' Tip Payout Mode.  If the business owner is assigned product lines on the order, they will still receive a tip payout even if the Business Allocation % is set to 0%. 

Step 7: If you would like, you can enable suggested tip amounts for your clients to use.  In the 'Suggested Tip' drop-down menu, choose whether you would like to suggest tips 'By Percentage' or 'By Amount'.

Step 8: If using Suggested Tips, you can enter in your suggested amounts to the 'Low Tip', 'Mid Tip', and 'High Tip' boxes.  Note: the amount of the tip will be automatically calculated and added to the Total Due for your client.

Step 9: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes'.  Now when your clients go to pay an outstanding balance, they will see the option to leave you/your team members a tip!

Step 10: Once a client has left a tip, the system will automatically create a 'Client Tip' line item on the order for the tip amount and mark it as 'Done'.  If multiple team members are receiving a portion of the tip, you will see a 'Client Tip' line item for each team member with their respective tip payout. Note: if you are using the Business Allocation % option, that amount will be left out of the tip payouts.  You will only see the remaining tip amount divided up to you/your team members.

Note: this feature is not available for Delivery Logistics orders - only orders placed using a shopping cart.

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