When charging travel fees, the fee is automatically calculated from the team member home address to the property address.  You may find that you want to not charge the travel fee up to a certain mileage and then charge per mile beyond that distance.  Check out the steps below on how to calculate that free service area!

Setting up free mileage for a service area

Click the steps below for a details walk-through:

    Step 1: Click the Business tab

    Step 2: Click the Service Areas tab

    Step 3: Select a Team Member

    Step 4: Add Service Areas

    Step 5: Add Per Mile rate

    Step 6: Calculate Base Rate and enter as a negative amount

    Step 7: Test an order


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page. 

Step 2: Click the Service Areas tab on the left-hand side. 

Step 3: Select a Team Member to add their service areas.  Note: to set up Service Areas, you'll need to enter a complete address first in the Team Member's profile page. 

Step 4: Add your service areas.  Note: for detailed steps on creating service areas, click here.

Step 5: Once you have created your service areas, add your Per Mile rate to each service area.

Step 6: Now that you have your Per Mile rate, you can calculate the Base Rate that will ensure your clients are not charged a travel fee for the mileage of your first service area.  Here is how to calculate that base rate:

Per Mile Rate for Service Area X Mileage of First Service Area = Base Rate

Place that Base Rate as a negative amount in the Base Rate.  Note: these base rates will need to be calculated for each Service Area that you have beyond the first Service Area.


$1 X 20 Miles = $20 (convert to a negative amount for the Base Rate)

$2 X 20 Miles = $40 (convert to a negative amount for the Base Rate)

Step 7: Your clients will no longer be charged a travel fee for the mileage within your first Service Area.  From the example above, their Per Mile rate will start after the first 20 miles.  For a property located 25 miles from your Team Members home, the client will be charged a travel fee of $5.

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